Being the leading force in Asia Pacific region, together with the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the strategic development plan, the “Belt and Road Initiative”, China will be an investment hub. The Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association (APPM) is set for the high market demand of professional talent in related region and the era of constant change.

Leveraging on the advantage of the Belt and Road Initiative, APPM work closely with different association leaders from China and Asia Pacific region to achieve the resources integration, the enhancement of the four leadership excellence (specialization, professionalization, marketization and internationalization) of professional managers and corporates, the promotion of international professional exchange and talent cultivation.

APPM will establish an advanced, competence-based international certification, develop regional professional managers exchange program, establish International Academy and launch the “Annual Regional Professional Managers Blue Book”. Besides, fostering excellence professional managers with global vision and promoting the development of professional managers and corporates in Asia Pacific region contribute to the regional economic development.


Peter Yip
Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association