APPM Think Tank is an Asia Pacific network of professionals.

In the age of globalization and digitalization, professionalism in management needs to look beyond knowledge and physical space into the ever-expanding horizon of wisdom and intelligence. Networking has also advanced to dynamic platform design attracting talents essentials for the world of tomorrow. They form the driving force brewing innovative ideas for strategic breakthroughs. We anticipate that talents gathering around this new strategic platform will not only help APPM but also the region as a whole to shape a brighter future for tomorrow.


APPM Think Tank plans to organize and hold a series of international-level conferences, meetings and seminars with talent from around the world spread across 5 geographic regions. The events aim to recognize those outstanding and excellence managers, and enhancing industry advantage, Including:

APPM Think Tank Honorary President

Li Wen Hai

CP Group Vice President


Mr. Wen Hai Li served as the Chief Executive Officer of CP Lotus Corporation (formerly, Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd.) from October 22, 2013 to December 1, 2015. Mr. Li served as an Executive Vice President of CP Lotus Corporation since September 2006 until October 22, 2013. Mr. Li has extensive experience in retail business. He has been Executive Chairman of CP Lotus Corporation since December 1, 2015. He served as Senior Vice Chairman of CP Lotus Corporation from April 18, 2008 to December 1, 2015. He has been an Executive Director of Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd. since September 15, 2006. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Huazhong Normal University, P.R.C.

APPM Think Tank President

The Hon Dr. Helen Sham-Ho

Deputy President, Parliament of New South Wales


She was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Council for the Liberal Party. She was the first Chinese to be elected into an Australia parliament.

APPM Think Tank Secretary-General

Peter Yip

President, Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association

Honorary President, Hong Kong Financial Services Professionals Association

President, Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD) Hong Kong (2009-2013)

Vice President, International Council of Small Business HK


Peter Yip has more than twenty years of human resource management and consulting experience in leading financial institutions, including JPMorgan, Chase Manhattan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, ABN AMRO Bank and The Bank of East Asia.  Apart from practical banking experience, Peter specializes in organizational integration, leadership alignment, change management, culture development, performance management and feedback management.

APPM Think Tank Researcher

Michael Hall International Society of Neuro-Semantics  Chairman (Greater China)
Neville Pritchard Association for Talent Development Former President (UK)
Magdalena Mook International Coach Federation CEO
Alfredo Castro ATD Advisory Committee Former Chairman
Allan Sensicle International Professional Managers Association Chairman
Daryl Conner Conner Academy Chairman
Dr. Tony Bailetti Director of Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) master’s program
William Miller Innovation Management Stanford Research Institute Former Head
Gerald Kimmel Association of Change Management Professionals President (Germany)
暨建業 亞太人力資源服務有限公司總經理
葉國光 漢華專業服務集團主席
黃之強 漢華專業服務集團執行董事
尹湛棠 歐信國際集團全球總裁
施國忠 國際職業經理人協會亞洲董事會成員
夏永超 尚品專業顧問及人才培訓公司首席執行官
邵志堯 亞太房地產發展學會會長
黃忠建 香港財智薈萃執行董事兼共同創辦人
李紹權 香港金融業協會執行會長
餘遠騁 世界綠色組織創辦人及行政總裁
熊淑宜 國際九型人格協會(中國)主席
孔祥光 全球大學校友會聯盟會長
郭志成 CEPA商機發展聯合會創會主席
蔡真頣 國際身心語義學協會大中華區主席
何永釗 香港運輸物流學會原會長
湯柏健 美國品質學會香港LMC會長
何蕭素嫻 專案管理協會香港分會主席
陳少康 香港國際專業人士協會會長
王智軍 廣東省職業經理人協會會長
王錦武 汕頭市職業經理人協會會長
梁健怡 廣州科技創新協會會長
麥愈強 廣州農商銀行增城支行行長
謝天賜 中國藝術研究院中國畫院研究員
陸翔龍 廣東冠鵬鞋業連鎖經營有限公司總經理
李積回 廣東陽江十八子集團有限公司總經理
宗衛東 僑建集團有限公司副總經理
徐風雲 雲盟夥伴行銷顧問機構董事長
張友寶 廣東八記食品股份有限公司製造中心總監
文婷 珠海市紅尚文化發展有限公司總經理
鄭俊武 豹王集團執行董事
徐玉忠 南京職業經理人協會會長
羅文珍 雲南省職業經理人協會會長

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