Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association {“APPM”} Members’ Terms and Conditions 


Members’ Terms and Conditions

You are required to read and be familiar with the Members’ Terms and Conditions of APPM once you have been accepted as our member. By clicking on the “I Agree” button below, it means that you have read through, understand and will oblige all the terms and conditions set forth as a member of APPM.


Personal Data provided to APPM

You are required to provide your personal data to APPM for registration purpose as a member. Data provided by you should be correct and true. If we found that there is any falsification in any data you submitted, APPM has the absolute right to cancel your membership.

APPM is required under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to maintain updated personal data, thus you have the responsibilities to ensure that all data provided are up to date. You should notify APPM if there is any change in the data you provided by informing our Secretariat Office in writing. You also have the right to access your data submitted by writing to the Secretariat Office (

APPM will do best to protect all membership data submitted in a confidential manner; and will not disclose any membership data to any third parties. Only authorized staff of APPM have the access right to member’s data for the purpose of administrative duties and communication. However, APPM may need to disclose the members’ data in compliance with regulatory requirements of governmental agencies or otherwise where disclosure is required by law.


E Learning Login ID

The e Learning platform will be provided to you free of charge as a member benefit. You are straightly prohibited from disclosing your Login ID and password to any third party. You also have the responsibility to ensure security of the e Learning platform by logging out after each use.


Intellectual Property

You understand and agree that all content in our e Learning platform including but not limit to all texts, images, videos, graphics, photos, logos, codes, trademarks, icons and all intellectual properties are licensed for use under APPM only. You are straightly prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify, exploit, post, publish or broadcast any content. Any violation of this clause may result in APPM cease your user Login ID for using the APPM e Learning platform


Members’ Behavior and Conduct

All members should behave in a professional manner when attending activities organized by APPM.


Use of APPM Name

You should not use the name of APPM in promotion of your personal interest.


Right to revise the Members’ Terms and Conditions

APPM has the absolute right to revise or remove any clause of the Members’ Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the members. .


Governing Law

The Members’ Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.




Effective 1 September 2017