Leadership, Innovation & Change Consulting

In this era of constant change, the way to deliver value today won’t be the same as yesterday. Leading companies recognize the need to continually identify new sources of revenue, sustainable competitive advantage and business growth in innovative ways.

Leadership, innovation and change are critical to help creating and embracing a transformative culture for winning organizations. Leadership sets direction, inspires people and achieves business goals. Innovation helps companies to stay competitive in this hyper-changing business environment.

Our experts in Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association (“APPM”) can help you to revamp your business to achieve its greater goals. We will review key aspects of people, processes, technology and etc to help your business capitalizing on its innovative ideas around business strategy.


Our Specialties include:

Leadership Development

Create a Culture of Innovation

Strategic Planning


Career Transition and Outplacement

Brand Consulting

We offer world-class management consulting solutions to support regional members to deliver value-added services to its members in private and public sectors. Brand Consulting provides qualitative and quantitative analysis, and recommend brand strategy and directions to support business needs.

Asset Advisory Services and Asset Appraisal

Our services are typically involves provision of independent valuation services to a number of listed groups to meet market, regulatory and fiduciary requirement, sourcing and identifying potential investment opportunities or investors, undertaking due diligence and evaluation on the underlying assets and provision of procedural and strategic business advices. Asset advisory services income is primarily success-based and project-based nature.

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